Top 5 Reasons why SculpSure is Gaining Popularity Among Women and Men

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You’ve heard about resistant fat, and it explains a lot, including concerns such as, why you can’t lose that five extra pounds; why you have a “rubber tire” — just like your mother did — even though you “crunch” religiously; and why even getting thinner didn’t make your figure look fitter.

Now that you know you have it, how do you get rid of that resistant fat? You know you don’t want liposuction or liposculpture; you’re too busy for the downtime, and you don’t like the idea of surgery.

Should you freeze your fat? Blast it with lasers? How about melting it away?

SculpSure® by CynoSure® is becoming one of the most popular ways to contour your body and eliminate stubborn, resistant fat for good. Dr. Saul M. Modlin, an aesthetic specialist in Garden City, New York, uses FDA-cleared SculpSure to permanently eliminate unwanted fat cells from your:

Here are five reasons why SculpSure won MyFace/MyBody’s  “Most Innovative Treatment 2018” awards and why women and men of all ages choose it to remove stubborn fat once and for all:

1. Doesn’t poke or freeze you

Other body-contouring systems come with an unwanted effect: discomfort. Surgical liposuction requires incisions. Fat-freezing techniques make your skin cold, and laser therapy can feel like getting zapped with rubber bands.

SculpSure, in contrast, uses continuous, controlled heat to gently melt away your unwanted fat cells. The heat reaches past your skin layers and is targeted solely at your fat layer. Though you may notice your skin being cooled by the device before treatment and feel a warm, tingling sensation as your fat cells melt, your skin remains at a comfortable temperature.

2. Custom-designed for your needs

You can treat one, two, or several areas during your SculpSure session. Melting the fat cells in each area only takes about 25 minutes and removes approximately 24% of excess fat. Dr. Modlin lets you know during your consultation whether you’ll benefit most from one round of SculpSure treatments or a series of up to three rounds.

3. You don’t have to be thin

Many body-contouring techniques demand that you’re already near your ideal weight before you’re accepted as a candidate. WIth SculpSure, Dr. Modlin improves your shape by sculpting away excess fat even if you have a BMI of up to 43.

4. More uniform results

You don’t need a massage after SculpSure, and you won’t be left with big “butter stick” lumps of frozen fat. SculpSure’s feathering heat eliminates fat beautifully and uniformly, for a completely natural-looking improvement to your figure.

Clinical studies have shown that between 83% and 100% of men and women who undergo SculpSure are happy with their newly sculpted forms. Patient satisfaction rates for fat freezing range from just 73% to 93%.

5. Allows you to get right back in the swing

After your SculpSure treatment, you won’t have bandages, drains, compression bandages, or any other restrictions. Your “after care” is simply getting dressed again and going about your normal activities. You may feel a little tenderness after your treatment, but this should resolve within hours to days.


If you’d like to sculpt away your resistant fat without surgery, downtime, or lumpy final results, book a SculpSure consultation today by calling our Garden City office. You can also use our handy online appointment form.

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