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Allergies Specialist

Saul M. Modlin, MD, FACS, FAAP -  - Ear, Nose & Throat Doctor

Saul M. Modlin, MD, FACS, FAAP

Ear, Nose & Throat Doctor & Aesthetic Specialist located in Garden City, NY

Do you suffer from itchy, watery eyes? Is constant congestion impacting your daily life? Allergies can be both physically and emotionally exhausting. Dr. Saul M. Modlin offers allergy drops to help patients in the Garden City, New York, area manage their allergy symptoms. Call Dr. Modlin today or schedule an appointment online for an allergy consultation.

Allergies Q&A

What are allergies?

An allergy is a condition where your immune system reacts abnormally to a foreign substance that isn’t typically harmful. It gives your body a false alarm, causing you to suffer from a number of symptoms, including:

  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Itching
  • Rashes
  • Swelling
  • Asthma

Common substances, or allergens, that can cause these reactions include:

  • Pollen
  • Dust mites
  • Mold spores
  • Pet dander
  • Certain foods or medicines
  • Insect stings
  • Latex

Allergies can range from minor to severe. A severe allergic reaction can cause you to go into anaphylaxis, which can be life-threatening. Dr. Modlin performs an allergy test to help determine which allergens are causing your symptoms.

Treatment options include medicines, allergy shots, sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), and lifestyle changes to avoid your particular allergens.

What is sublingual immunotherapy?

Often called “allergy drops,” sublingual immunotherapy is an alternative way to treat your allergies without injections. Dr. Modlin gives you small doses of an allergen under your tongue to increase your tolerance to the substance, reducing your symptoms as a result.

How does sublingual immunotherapy work?

Your gastrointestinal tract works by tolerating foreign substances — like food — that you swallow. When you administer SLIT into your gastrointestinal tract, your immune system tolerates the allergen instead of overreacting the way it typically does.

Over time, the SLIT process lessens the symptoms that occur when your body is exposed to the allergy source.

What can you expect with sublingual immunotherapy?

First, Dr. Modlin administers an allergy test to confirm your sensitivity to the most common environmental allergens and foods. Then, based on your allergy test results, he prepares the allergen extract formula in drop form. These drops contains the specific allergens you’re allergic to.

You place the drop under your tongue each day in the comfort of your home. Dr. Modlin recommends that you continue this therapy process for 3-5 years to develop a lasting immunity to the targeted allergen.

If you’re done being the victim of your allergies, call Dr. Modlin or schedule an appointment online to see if SLIT is right for you.