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What You Should Expect From Your Kybella Treatment

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Your submental fullness (more commonly known as a double chin) took a long time to develop. If it’s a hereditary feature, you could even say it’s taken you a lifetime.

Even if you lose weight, your double chin might persist. Submental fullness often falls into the category of exercise-resistant fat that’s determined by genetics. Other examples of genetically determined fat that don’t respond to diet or exercise are muffin tops and thunder thighs.

But right now, it’s your double chin that bothers you. Not only does the extra fat make you look heavier overall, it’s also aging. And, if your neck skin has lost elasticity, the problem may be compounded by a waddle or turkey neck.

You’ve heard about Kybella —the world’s first FDA-approved injectable treatment for double chins — that requires no surgery or downtime. But will it really get you the results you want? Dr. Saul M. Modlin, an aesthetic specialist in Garden City, New York, tells you what to expect:

Kybella takes time...

Just as your double chin took time to develop, Kybella takes time to work. The injections are made of a synthetic form of the deoxycholic acid, which your body uses to break down dietary fats during digestion. Each treatment dissolves a portion of your excess submental fat, which your body must then process and excrete.

Most women and men need between three and six treatments to get the results they want. Dr. Modlin is careful not to over-inject your double chin with Kybella, which could cause severe swelling. You need to leave at least one month between treatments so that your skin recovers from the injections and your body has time to process the melted fat.

You may start noticing a difference in your double chin just a few weeks after your first treatment. Your final results are visible about 12-18 weeks after your last Kybella injection.

…But Kybella is fast

Though your body takes time to completely process the fat cells that Kybella disrupts, the treatments themselves only take a few minutes. Dr. Modlin’s assistant first numbs your submental area so you’ll be comfortable. Then Dr. Modlin places a template under your chin that guides his injection pattern, depending on how much extra fat you have and where it’s located.

Within about 15 minutes, your treatment is finished. You can return to work or your normal activities directly afterward.

Expertise minimizes side effects.

Most of the serious side effects that women and men have experienced with Kybella are due to injector error. That’s why the most essential part of any cosmetic procedure is finding a qualified doctor.

Many women and men experience some swelling or soreness after Kybella that may last for several days. If you’re uncomfortable, you can control the pain with regular applications of a wrapped ice pad or an over-the-counter pain medication.

Kybella may tighten your skin, too.

Though Kybella is a fat-removal treatment, most women and men also notice that their neck and chin skin tightens as the volume of fat decreases. Dr. Modlin lets you know if Kybella is sufficient to give you the skin-tightening you want or whether you need co-treatment with lasers or dermal fillers.

Kybella is permanent.

Once your double chin is gone, it’s gone forever, provided you maintain your weight. The fat cells that Kybella disrupted and melted are permanently eliminated from your body and can’t grow back.

To find out if Kybella is the best way for you to get the sleek, fat-free jawline and chin you want this year, call us now, or book an appointment online.

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