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Get Rid of Fat Deposits Before Summer

Although the temperature’s low and your winter coat is still out, it’s time to start thinking about bathing suit season because summer’s just around the corner. Instead of hiding behind cover-ups and beach dresses this season, find a way to get rid of those unwanted bulges and show off your shapely figure. At Dr. Saul M. Modlin’s office, we know how hard it is to lose those stubborn fat deposits on your hips and tummy, that’s why we recommend innovative body contouring to give you a natural-looking, slimmer physique to ensure your body’s beach ready by the time summer rolls around.

To help you get the shape you’ve dreamed about, we use the cutting-edge SculpSureⓇ body contouring device. Noninvasive, safe, and effective, this treatment eliminates fat deposits from various areas of your body and requires no downtime.

Get rid of stubborn fat for good

With SculpSure, you can eliminate those stubborn fat deposits that don’t seem to budge with diet and exercise. Using state-of-the-art laser energy, SculpSure destroys pockets of fat cells:

What’s more, the SculpSure procedure naturally tightens and smooths your skin, making the contours of your body look even better.

Lose fat, not weight

While SculpSure contours your body, it’s not a weight loss procedure. It’s not designed to make you thinner, instead it targets those specific areas where fat gathers and destroys it. The treatment focuses on the contours of your body, smoothing them into a shapely silhouette.

During your 25-60 minute procedure, the SculpSure device sends intense laser light energy into your fat cells, where it increases their internal temperature to the point that it destroys the cell’s integrity, causing them to eventually die. As they do, your body naturally removes the fat, permanently eliminating it.

Do it now so you’re ready for summer

Sure, you can have body contouring anytime of year, after all the procedure requires no downtime. But if you want to be rid of your fat deposits before summer, act now. SculpSure offers over a 90% satisfaction rate, but its results aren’t immediate.

While the laser energy immediately penetrates your fat cells during the treatment, it can take some time for the cells to die and your lymphatic system to process and eliminate the unwanted fat.

After your treatment, you may begin to notice some fat reduction in your treated area after about six weeks, but you don’t reach optimal results until three months.

Now is the time

Whether you plan on spending your days lounging by the pool or chilling on the sand, you want to feel comfortable and confident in your summer body and body contouring with SculpSure can make that happen. But if you want to be bathing-suit ready by June, you need to start now.

The results from this fat-eliminating procedure are long-lasting, and if you don’t gain weight, they can remain permanent. Because your body doesn’t regenerate fat cells, once the treatment destroys the cells in your treatment area, they won’t come back.

If you do gain weight, the fat cells that remain can enlarge, as do the rest of the fat cells in your body, but the area should still remain slimmer than other untreated areas.

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